The Winding Roads of Bessang Pass

Three thousand four hundred.

A number quite small, until you realise these are the number of brothers, husbands and loved ones who died in The Battle of Bessang Pass. Authorities say this was ‘one of the most terrible and incredibly difficult battles of the entire war.’

Bessang Pass lies on a hill 4,000 feet high; along the Tagudin-Cervantes-Sabangan Road. Winding roads bring you closer to the top; with ravines, sky, clouds, and fog so grand you are left speechless at the sight.

Then you think of all the lives lost in the battle and in the war… The men who have fought gallantly for freedom… those who have left their loved ones… never to be seen again.

The long winding roads are starting to lull me to sleep. “What is the purpose of it all?” I ask.

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